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Residential Service

Pest create serious safety hazards.  From the pain of a single wasp sting to the major expense and discomfort of a hospital stay.

Because we are a local business. All Guard  knows how to treat and control pests in your home and or business.

Quarterly Service

The best option for those year around protection. As the seasons come and go, a new pest problem arrives with them. We will protect you from the nuisance of ants in the spring, the pain of a wasp sting during the summer months, with a barrier of the spiders in the fall, to the infection of mice seeking a warm place to nest during the winter months. All Guard will serve you all year long.

One Time Service

We offer a one-time service plan for those that may have a sudden pest problem. Responding quickly, we can eliminate the problem with the one time solutions.

Commercial Services

All Guard are commercial service experts.  We know the importance of keeping a clean and professional image for your business, our services will help you maintain that image. Many pest can spread disease and can cause unnecessary problems for you.

We use the safest products in our industries and are rated for use in restaurants and hospitals.

Termites Control

All Guard is Utah Termite experts.  We will deliver the best termite service in Utah. At a very affordable price. All Guard guarantee is unmatched be any other company.

1 out of 5 homes 20 years or older, have termite infestations. Termite infestation can be devastating to both residential and commercial properties.

Utah’s unique climate can leave these destructive insects undiscovered and untreated for years.

With over one thousand species of termites.  It is critical to have a certified expert to diagnose and treat termites.

Our Team

Christopher and Seth have teamed up and laid a strong foundation for All Guard. Born and raised here in Utah they both bring different strengths and skills to table.   Protect the community that they love. Together they have built the Best Extermination Company in Utah.

How We Do It

What you can expect from us.


With our training program we have the best technicians in Utah. They will customize treatments to meet your needs.


We use the safest products in the industry. They are rated for use in Hospitals, schools, restaurants, and kennels.

Proudly Serving Utah County, Utah.


We give your home or workplace the peace of mind that you expect. Our team has many years of experience. We are attentive to our customers and we stand behind our promise to deliver timely and quality service. All Guard  does its work with the customer in mind. All Guard is dedicated to protecting you and your family.


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